Arrogant Branches!

Many, who call themselves a Christian, are oblivious to the fact the Church sanctioned the crusades, referring to the universal epithet. Many are unaware the Church was responsible for the Inquisition. How many are aware the Church required Jewish people to pay the tithe tax? How many are aware the Jewish people, under the oppression of the Christian Byzantine Empire, welcomed the invading Muslims as they were free once again to practice their Judaism which was illegal under the Byzantines.

One may say, well that is ancient history. As Dr. Marvin Wilson Imagewrites in “Our father Abraham”, regarding the holocaust; it is a “shame of Christians everywhere that the established Church did so little to prevent or protest the slaughter.”  (p. 101, Eerdmans, 1989.)  Often one may have it heard said, ‘Hitler was no Christian.’ In fact, the Nazi party was mostly Christian. (John S. Conway “The Nazi Persecution of the Churches, 1933-1945”, p. 232; Regent College Publishing, “most Nazis were Christian”.) Indeed the German population at large was 95% Christian.  (Richard J. Evans; The Third Reich at War; Penguin Press; New York 2009, p. 546, 95% of Germans were Catholic or Protestant.) One wants to think, surely they would come to the aid of their Jewish neighbors and friends should such evil come again. Putting their life in jeopardy for the sake of a Jewish person, simply for the sake of his ethnicity or religion is what few Christians did in Nazi Germany.

How could such a holocaust happen again one may ask? It can happen because the “branches” are still boasting, in arrogance, over the “root”. This is the same mentality which rejects the heritage and context by which the sacred scriptures passed to Jesus and the Apostles. The Church has no problem adapting pagan practices and rituals which at best lack the truth of God’s timetable and methods of revelation. (At worst it imports pagan practice and ritual rather than just adapting them in lieu of the divine revelation and its proper application.)

That is not to say Christians must become Jewish keeping the ritual practices. This is offensive to the Jewish people as well. Observing the meaning of the practice and the heritage places the revelation in its proper context.

Many Christians are ignorant of these facts because they have not been taught, as the seminaries and Bible schools are deficient. They desire to teach a systematized theology based on a presumption of the text that is unfounded. Is there any wonder Jesus said a man must build his house on the rock? Perhaps it is this lack of insight that caused the Church to boast, and so ignore the apostle’s teaching. However, other Christians have been taught these fundamental aspects of the Jewish roots, but have rejected them for various reasons. None the less, this is the context by which Jesus came and said he did not come to “destroy the TORAH but to fulfill it”…using words that mean, “I did not come to abolish the TORAH by misinterpreting it but to establish it by interpreting it correctly”…It is sad to see so many of his followers have fallen for the former rather than taking advantage of studying the latter.


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